Four Factors to Consider Before Buying a Large Dog Bed

Before you buy a large bed for your dog, here are four factors to consider to help you choose the best quality bed for your dog.

  1. What is your dog’s sleeping profile? Observe your dog while he sleeps. You will find him to have a sleeping style of either curling up, or stretching out. You’ll then need to look for a circular or rectangular style bed accordingly.
  2. Have you measured your dog? Just because a bed is called large doesn’t mean it’s large enough fore your dog. You have to measure your dogs height and width and ensure you get a bed size that is at least 5 inches more on both dimensions.
  3. Know your material. There are a variety of dog bed filling materials. On the cheaper end of the scale you’ll have pieces of foam or cedar chips. While this may be adequate for smaller dogs, large and heavy dogs will quickly collapse the bed, rendering the bed useless if not uncomfortable to sleep in. Instead look for material like dual density foam or memory foam which are much better equipped to handle the dog’s weight.
  4. Is your dog old, or having joint problems? Even if your dog isn’t old and doesn’t have any joint complaints, if he’s from the larger breeds of dog then he is in a high risk group for developing joint complaints compared to their smaller counterparts. You may wish to buy him an orthopedic dog bed. These help support and cushion the joints allowing blood to circulate more freely and reducing the pain if your dog is currently suffering from joint pain. The materials mentioned above – dual density foam and memory foam are found in orthopedic dog beds.

Now that you are armed with these four tips on selecting a large dog bed, it is time to go out and shop for one.

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