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Large Dog Bed - Buy Large Dog BedsOn this site you can find a selection of orthopaedic and large dog beds.

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There are many different types of large dog beds styles as well as dog bed filler. As far as style is concerned, this is a matter of how your dog likes to sleep – a round bed is great for dogs that like to curl up when they sleep wheres a rectangular mat or mattress style is the style to go for if your dog likes to stretch out as they sleep.

When it comes to quality and durability, the filler used in a large dog bed does play a significant role, especially if you are looking for a bed to accommodate a large or heavy dog – which if you are reading this you are, aren’t you?

A thin bed purely consisting of egg crate foam for example may not last a large or heavy dog very long – the material itself is thin and collapsible. It may be fine for a small dog, but may not provide enough support for a large or heavy dog.

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A memory foam dog bed – designed with the aim in mind of providing the ultimate in comfort and support to dogs with orthopedic issues such as arthritis or joint or elbow dysplasia, memory foam large dog beds will last a long time.

To expand on this point further, consider that in human orthopedic mattresses memory foam is used but egg crate foam is not, it is only used in some of the optional mattress toppers that you can buy. And this is because egg crate foam can not adequately support the weight of a human. So if egg crate foam is not good enough for human mattresses, why should it be good enough for large dog beds?

You may also like to avoid buying a large dog bed with cedar chip filler, some dogs may have an allergy to this and again you have to consider how comfortable will this type of material will be to lie on under the weight of a large, heavy dog?

Large Dog Bed Filler
Suitable fillers for heavy and large dogs are upholstery foam, dual density foam or memory foam. Memory Foam in particular is very strong and durable, placing it at the premium end of the orthopedic dog beds market. It is in demand for aging dogs, dogs with joint complaints, or people concerned that their dog may develop these conditions – some of the larger breeds of dogs are known to be susceptible to hip dysplasia.

Dog Sleeping Style
Pay attention to how your dog sleeps – stretch or curl. You’ll want to get a rectangular shaped large dog bed for the dog that sleeps in stretch style, and a circular bed for the dog that sleeps in curl style.

Size of a dog bed
Make sure the dimensions of the large dog bed are larger than the size of your dog. He should be able to get into it and have room to comfortably adjust himself. So ensure you have at least add at least 5 extra inches of the height and width of your dog to the dimensions (or diameter in the case of a dog that sleeps in curl style) of the dog bed you are looking for.

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What is an orthopaedic or orthopedic dog bed? An Orthopedic dog bed is a bed specially designed for older dogs or dogs suffering from hip or elbow dysplasia. Large breeds of dogs can be quite susceptible to hip or elbow dysplasia, and so it can develop and set in far earlier than a dog getting arthritis of old age.

The main difference in an orthopedic dog bed from an ordinary dog bed lies in the material used. Orthopedic material is designed to provide comfort and support around the dogs body and particularly any sore or pressure sensitive areas, whereas a normal bed does not need to bear this need in mind. Typically beds made from memory foam are in high demand as the ideal filler for an orthopedic dog bed due to their similar use in human orthopedic mattresses.

So that’s it in a nutshell about large dog beds. Please continue to have a look around for the ideal Large Dog Bed for your beloved furry friend.